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Chavez reappears and so does a new conspiracy theory

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So Chavez reappered tonight on the MINCI pages..just when I had almost finished a post showing that for the first time in many months he WAS NOT in the MINCI pages! Well that's the ghost blogger life. Some people get to swim among Polynesian sharks and others have to rewrite their posts!

Chavez said that his government will not rest until they find those guilty and mentioned that there are those that are taking advantage of the situation to destabilize his government.

Of course we still do not know what he was doing from the moment the kid's bodies were found until now. But we know that his government has been busy trying to find some ways to put the blame of the righteous rage that people were having due to the insecurity level of Venezuela's streets on the private media. As usual, Globovision was a favorite target.

If Globovision didn't exist, Chavez would surely invent it!

But the most cryptic and remarkable words of any government official did not came from Chavez, but from the Minister of information himself. Here is the link. Minister William Lara said that he will propose to the Directive of Social Responsibility to exhaustively examine the behavior of the media these days.

Lara then said that the government is considering the Conspiracy theory. He said that there are indications that point towards a plan, with transnational connections, against institutions and the People of Venezuela.

Another hypothesis that Lara said is being thought of [I am not making this up, it is in the MINCI article, I swear!] is to determine wether it is by pure chance that two of the largest foreign communities in Venezuela, the Italian and the Arab community, were the targets [of the Sindoni and Faddoul cases]. Lara said that they do not do "little politics" and that, therefore, he cannot make affirmations without proof but he makes assurances that when the government will have conclusive evidences, they will be communicated to the Nation.

He then talked about the favorite Chavista theme, the events of April 2002. And he finished saying that his government has a commitment with the Truth.

So, this curious ghost blogger is wondering about the Italian-Arab community Conspiracy theory. What did Lara exactly mean? That because they are the largest, they have more probabibility of being hit? In that case, the Spaniards and Portuguese should be careful. I have not checked the migration statistics, but I think that they are larger communities. Is there anything else that he would mean with his words?

Sad, remember when we all used to be just Venezuelans? Since the Chavistas came to power, all of a sudden we have rich and poors, blacks, white and zambos and now we even have Communities..

And this humble ghost blogger asks. Why don't they just accept that personal security in Venezuela is a huge mess and that they cannot control their own police? Why don't they realize that their failure in solving the poverty problems, modernize the justice system and reform the jails has to do with this?

Why don't they realize that they should be busy solving those problems instead of persecuting the very dangerous Maria Corina Machado?

Why don't they have the humility of accepting their responsibility?

I guess that is too much to ask.

Reporting from Cyberspace

Jorge Arena
Humble Ghost Blogger

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