Saturday, February 05, 2005


Former president Carlos Andres Perez answers to Chavez

[Originally posted in Venezuela News and Views]

In response to the infamous official celebrations for the failed Coup Attempt of February 4, 1992, former president Carlos Andres Perez wrote yesterday the following letter.

Carlos Andres Perez answers to Hugo Chavez

Chavez should be ashamed of using the Military Museum of La Planicie where he cowardly hid on February 4, 1992. From there, the only thing he did was to give instructions to assassinate my family that was at the time in the Presidential residence, La Casona, of which he almost succeeded.

To celebrate as a day of joy and dignity the murder of Venezuelans by other Venezuelans provides the exact measure of the respect that the Chavista regime has for Venezuelan lives.

That Chavez and his comrades declare that “the blood spilled on February 4, 1992 was worth it” was a vile declaration. The spilled blood was Venezuelan blood of men that were serving in our Armed Forces. Chavez was the big responsible of the blood criminally spilled, precisely by his armed companions. To the family of the victims I reiterate my deepest condolences.

The propaganda and the erosion will never hide the misery and profound inequality in which Venezuela is currently sunk.

Miami, February 4, 2005.

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